Life is Short…So Be Fly!

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Life is Short…So Be Fly!

What does it mean to “be fly” you might ask?  The definition in the urban dictionary is, “to be cool, attractive.”  But I think it also extends to how you feel in your body.  If you’re feeling good on the inside, you’ll be radiating on the outside.

When I created Butta.Fly Wears, my hope was people would feel the love I put into each piece and find joy in wearing my creations.  Find their “fly”.

I had a customer tell me once that she loved my wears, but wasn’t fly and didn’t think she could pull it off.  “Nonsense!”  I told her.  I know she’s not alone in thinking this way.  But that is why I’m here to help your fly and rock it with confidence.

Life is short…so be fly.


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